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Sorry, but if you are selling on Amazon and you don't know the importance of getting your product ranked then you shouldn't be in this business

Keyword Ranking is Everything

You might have the best product on the planet but you can not sell it profitably on Amazon unless it shows up every time buyers search for your kind of products.

Ranking the main keywords for your amazon product will increase visibility and sales.

But ranking keywords to the first page of amazon has become harder than it was even a year ago. There use to be a lot of balckhat and greyhat methods that you could have used to get your products ranked. But since mid of 2017 after Amazon did an upgrade to their A9 search algorithm... none of those weird balckhat staff work anymore Only way you can now rank products on Amazon is by doing it using Whitehat Amazon approved methods. This is a bad news for all those manipulative advantage taker sellers who didn't care about rules and business ethics. But it's a great news for an honest and hardworking seller who wants to simply make some profit by delivering good quality products.

If you are one then let's jump right in...

This is exactly how Ranksense is going to rank your product to the first page for any given keywords regardless it's competitiveness

  • Step: 1

    After placing order we will ask you to give us limited access to your amazon seller central, Facebook ad account and Google Aadwords account. Don't worry if you are not sure how to do these. We will show you how

  • Step: 2

    We will assess the product you are trying to rank. With your permission we might make changes to the product title, images, bullet point, description, backend keywords to optimize the listing to the highest level. After that we will launch Amazon PPC, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

  • Step: 3

    Once the keyword is ranked to the first page we will then train you what you can do to keep that ranking stable and continue to sale well and sale at a profit.

Now, I can totally see some of you going - Hey, I know how to setup those ads, I will just go and it myself. No need to wast my money here. Well... in that case go ahead and do it. But don't blame us if it doesn't work out. While it may seem like we are only using paid ads to rank your product but we do it in a certain way that you probably don't know about. Otherwise you won't be here.

After investing thousands of $$$ behind each advertising platforms we have figured out how to use them to gain first page ranking on Amazon

At the end of the day it's all about giving the Amazon A9 algorithm the impression that your product is going to be a worthy product if they place it at the first page for a certain keyword. The algorithm determines on this by observing certain data. For example click through rate, conversion rate and average order volume of your product for that certain keyword. You can only achieve this by selling organically and having lots of real amazon buyers visiting your product page. Setting up these ads correctly will give you both legitimate visitors and sales. Which will then result in better ranking position. Unlike other gimmicky and unstable methods that are used to rank products on amazon our method is entirely based on actual sales of your product

Because of that you can expect real sales coming in and continuous growth in the number of units sold each day

The sales volume increases even further when your product reaches to the first page. That makes our method the only way of ranking product on amazon while generating revenue through sales. Because of this your product will continue to remain on the first page even after ads are stopped. After all,there is no point inventing in ranking a product if it does not give you result in long terms...

After delivering 3500+ keyword ranking orders we can guarantee you that, and Our method is the cheapest, legitimate and most sustainable method to rank on Amazon

And if you don't believe me?

Just take a look at some of our clients revenue snapshot. These are less than 3 months old and we will keep updating them to show you what first page ranking can do to your Amazon business. More Revenue = More Profit

This client is into leather wallet niche. They call it one of the most saturated niches. We helped him to generate 8X more revenue in less than 3 months. Unbelievable results achieved within a short period of time.

$47,000 Monthly Revenue


Husband and wife have been running their business for 1.5 years but they didn't see any profit till they stared using our Ranksense. From $4K a month to $12K a month in less than 6 weeks.

$12,000 Monthly Revenue


Heavyweight seller. Ignored their non performing products for a long time that was eating away any profit they made. With our help they have nearly doubled their revenue.

$500K to $900K+ in 4 months


This seller with speech disability couldn't secure any decent job despite having good education. So he decided to get his Amazon selling coaching from us. This is how his business looks like in 2 months

$8,000 from just one product


The fact is, these sellers recognized that the way they are trying to increase sales is simply not working it was 'time to change for them'. Sooner YOU realize this better it's gonna be for your business

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take." ~ Michael Jordan

Since you have been so kind to visit our page and go though all the information above let us give you some tips on how you can achieve better conversion from sales

Follow these rules and you will have 25% More Conversion than what you have right now

  • Make sure your backend keywords doesn't not cross more than 250 characters. Anything more than that and Amazon will ignore all your keywords.

  • In October 2017 Amazon has indicated that they will no longer look for keywords within the title of your product. So stop trying to push in lots of different keywords into your product title and try to make it look more appealing for better click through

  • So much focus is given to the main image that sellers often forget the value of other images in the listing. Genuinely helpful infographics will get you more conversion.

  • Do not bomb visitors with lengthy bullet points hoping that this will cover all necessary keywords. rather try to have smaller and meaningful bullet points that are easy to understand and short enough so that no visitors get distracted

Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Whitehat Keyword Ranking Service


I spent 8 months trying to find the right product to sell on amazon. And then another 2 months to have it sourced and sent to FBA. Only to have my heart broken by lack of sales. I was spending a fortune on PPC with an ACoS of 250%+.

My sale was so slow that at one point amazon started charging for long term storage fee.Then in October 2017 I started using Ranksense. I started with just one keyword. And in 4 days I had my product jumped from page 8 to the middle of first page.

I never had to worry about ranking since then. The only real problem I've had is often running out of stock due to unprecedented amount of sales. I've since suggested at least 4 other seller friends to use this service. Jason Woods

Having RankSense on your side is an asset to your business. But if you expect this to work like a magic you are living in a dream. You need to understand how their system works and also accommodate your business model accordingly. Only then you will get the best result. I know this because I was skeptical in making the changes they recommended in the beginning. So it took longer than usual for my keyword to rank. But then I followed their suggestions and it was far better result.

I will suggest anyone wishing to use Ranksense's service to get them to the keyword research as well. They do it for free and trust me it's much more accurate than what you might think is the right keyword fo your product.

Also please make sure you have adequate amount of units in FBA prior to suing their service because you will run out fast as soon as they get your product to the first page. Otherwise if you remain 'out of stock' for too long you might have to redo the ranking process. - Oliver Manning


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When you use our ranking service you can expect us to improve every aspect of the product. Because, let's face it, without an awesome listing you can't possible have lots of sales = ranking.

As soon as you place an order this is what we will do for you:

  • We will check your listing including backend to ensure the listing itself is correctly optimized and has a higher possibility of conversion

  • If the product has less than 10 reviews we will ask you some more and guide you on how you can get your first 10 verified reviews

  • We will then do a keyword research to figure out what are the most desired keywords for your product. Out of those keywords you will then choose which one you want to rank to the first page

  • We will setup discount coupons on Amazon which we will offer through ads

  • We will then setup Amazon PPC, Facebook Ad and Google Adwords Ad

  • Within 3-8 days your product will be ranked to the first page for your chosen keyword. During this time period we will make required changes to the ads to get ranked faster

So what are you waiting for?

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Take control of your business with the help of RankSense Whitehat Keyword Ranking System. Do not delay. More you wait more time & money is wasted behind methods that do not give you any result. Remember - The definition of insanity, is, doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting things to change. That. Is. Crazy...